November 7, 1996
Mr. James Rauch
F.A.C.T.S. Newsletter
Box 566
Kenmore,  New York  14217-0566

Dear Mr. Rauch:

Thank you for your September 28, 1996, letter regarding the Formerly
Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) Tonawanda site,
Tonawanda, New York.  The FUSRAP program is pleased to inform you
of recent interim accomplishments at the Praxair (Former Linde) facility
and our plans for reaching a long-term remedial strategy which we hope
to have completed by December 1996.

The Department of Energy (DOE has completed decontamination
activities in Building 31 and has demolished Building 38. 
Decontamination work is continuing on Building 14, and we are
preparing to demolish Building 30 next spring.  The soil pile has been
segregated to minimize the waste volume requiring disposal offsite.  The
contaminated soil materials will be combined with contaminated building
materials from the decontamination and demolition activities for disposal
offsite.  The Department will continue to store clean material onsite at
the Praxair facility until a site-wide remedy is selected.  Clean material is
that which can be released without further restrictions.  The completed
and planned interim actions are positive steps toward cleanup of the
Tonawanda site and do not preclude long-term cleanup alternatives for
the site.

In regard to the long-term strategy, the Department was invited by
Congressman LaFalce to join him, and other elected officials, on August
6, 1996, to conceptually discuss options for remediating the Tonawanda
site.  As a result of this meeting, The Department and the community's
elected representatives reached agreement on some guiding principles
which will assist the FUSRAP program in developing detailed
alternatives to share with the community.  Among these was our
commitment to meet cleanup levels that allow for development of the
waterfront area as currently planned and that the Department will not
construct an on-site disposal cell.

In order to reach our goal for reaching a mutually agreeable cleanup
strategy, the Department will work with the Citizens Against Nuclear
materials In Tonawanda to arrange a meeting with the community in late
November or early December.

I would like  to reemphasize that no remedy has been selected, and the
Department intends to implement and alternative which is mutually
agreeable to the community, other stakeholders and DOE.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Tonawanda site.  If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Ron Kirk at (423)


/s/ John E. Baublitz

James M. Owendoff
Deputy Secretary
for Environmental Restoration

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