Personal communication

March 27, 2009


I recently learned that, at meetings of the West Valley Citizens Task Force (CTF), you are supporting the DOE/NYSERDA preferred alternative of the
illegitimate 2008 DOE/NYSERDA DEIS, which alternative the Coaltion has challenged in court under the NEPA as an improper segmentation and delay
of the sitewide cleanup decision at the West Valley nuclear site.  As you know the CTF previously decided in its 1998 report that the site should be
completely cleaned up, including excavation of both burial grounds, and that such cleanup might take as long as 25 years.  Your current support of the
DOE/NYSERDA preferred alternative, ie to delay making such a decision for another 30 years, runs counter to the 1998 CTF position.  Carol used to
joke that the government was waiting for us all to die.  

Your current approval of the DOE/NYSERDA preferred alternative was preceded by your support of the Coalition/environmental community-opposed
West Valley Remediation Act bill when it was introduced by NYSERDA several years ago.   At the Coalition steering committee meeting where it was
decided to oppose the WVRA you threatened to leave the Coalition; those present were stunned; you later left. 

I and many others involved in this struggle frankly do not understand how, after so many years of apparently sincere anti-nuclear work and efforts
dedicated to the timely, full cleanup of the West Valley nuclear site, you could become the key apologist at West Valley for the seriously deficient State
and federal radioactive waste regulatory and public review processes we are now witnessing.  The change has been dramatic: from a rigorous citizen
scientist in the public interest to a seemingly politicized supporter of government incompetence.  

Many Coalition members and others do not understand the reason(s) for this change.  Was it a simple sellout to get a secure (at the time) job?  Or was it a
rationalization involving a complex prioritization of all sorts of societal needs based on the assumption (propaganda) of "limited resources."  [Since our
current federal government is spending (printing) trillions of dollars to make whole greedy bank pirates and their ersatz "investments" at the expense of
current and future generations of hard working Americans, the validity of such rationalizations is at an all time low.]  Or a bit of both?

Does the reason even matter?  Perhaps not if you think the human experiment is doomed to fail anyway.  Most don't hold this view however.  So, to the
large extent that discouragement and paralysis in others has resulted from your withdrawal as an active participant seeking a timely, full cleanup decision,
the likelihood of such failure is correspondingly large.  A self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak.  Perhaps it was this realization, brought home at the
Tuesday night meeting earlier this week, that prompted you to say that you wanted to come back on the steering committee after you retire from your State
job in two years.  Unfortunately, returning to your former public interest activist role two years from now will be too late; the illegimate process will
have reached its faulty decision before then.  

One West Valley activist recently said to me, "he will have to live with himself."